We make the crispy bits - the crunchy, golden, salty morsels that have the most flavor. Everyone agrees these are the best parts.

About Jon:
Jon Berkowitz, an Executive Producer/Creative Director at Aspect,  is a somewhat unusual hybrid in that he's worn a number of different hats in his career. From his experience as a filmmaker, he understands the language of narrative storytelling (tension, conflict, obstacles, structure, character, pacing, production). From years as a creative director in entertainment marketing, he is a creative and conceptual problem-solver with great flexibility. He excels at integrated thinking and can engage the audience emotionally and inspire them to take action and share the media content that he develops. From a decade of working with the best in design and animation at companies like Imaginary Forces, Picture Mill, and Aspect, Jon has developed an eye for expressing emotion through design. Jon communicates ideas and tone visually and with impact.
Since graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts with an MFA in film production and interactive media in 2001, Jon has been leading teams in creating cutting-edge graphic and animation-driven branded content, teasers, trailers, TV spots, main title sequences, on-air promos, and digital, print and video assets. These successes can be attributed to his sharp storytelling instincts, deep knowledge of and passion for design and animation, and demonstrated team leadership with a genuine ability to foster collaboration and inspire team building.
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